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Merchant fleet

The company is also involved in crewing recruitment of qualified personnel, consisting of citizens of the EU, Russia and CIS countries for various positions on merchant navy ships and shipping companies dealing with transportations of cargo under foreign flags. The company provides the following services:

• Selection of crew members at the request of ship owners;

• Formation of crews;

• Organization of changing the crews (repatriation) both in Lithuania and abroad;

• Placing seafarers on the ships

• We provide air tickets for crews and if necessary place them in hotels

• Customer registration, entry onto our database and qualified consultation are all free of charge!


With the price of oil and other fossil fuel energy sources increasing, leading countries and big companies are urgently looking for alternatives. This will become increasingly vital as populations continue to increase. Wind energy is one of the most promising and successful directions in the alternative and renewable energy market. Our company aims to be at the heart of the opportunities emerging in the development of this industry, which will benefit not only energy providers, but the consumer as well.


“Ethalon Recruitment”- is a dynamically developing company that specializes in providing staff leasing services and organizing teams of workers for the shipbuilding and ship repair. The company can provide: welders, ship body repairers, painters, electricians and others. Ethalon Recruitment’s specialist perform all the necessary assembly and welding work at every stage of manufacture of ship hulls: the production of panels and sections, blocks and grand blocks and build hulls in the dock. The work can be carried out in the shop/manufactory or in open areas. Welders are certified by Lloyd's Register, DNV and Bureau Veritas certificates. The most important distinguishing features of our company (and to which we attribute our success) is the effective organization of labour, a high level of skills, qualifications and responsibility. In the shortest possible time, without intermediaries, and in accordance with the highest quality standards, we provide a wide range of services to the contractor on the premises of the customer. Another important feature of our company is flexibility: we are happy to enter into various forms of cooperation with our partners (we can agree on different level of payment based on fixed price for a project, price per hour or unit weight), we can also take full responsibility for the organization of work (provide chiefs of the production) and infrastructure (transportation, providing a place of residence, equipment) to all of teams anywhere in the world.


The Lagrilita Construction Company, based in Klaipeda, Lithuania, has been in the market since 2001 and provides a full range of general contracting, construction and engineering services. During this period we have established ourselves as an experienced company, distinguished by professionalism and the consistently high quality of our work, as evidenced by our cooperation with large organizations. In the course of our company’s development we have collected a large database of qualified and motivated high quality personnel, covering the full range of construction services. Thanks to this, Ethalon Recruitment is now able to provide these people and their specialist skills. Our company focuses primarily on the creation of favorable conditions for the customer – this applies to time, materials, and competitive, flexible pricing. If you are interested in investing in the development of commercial real estate, Ethalon Recruitment is your reliable partner.


Our company pays great attention to training young professionals. We aim to give our youth a quality education, both in Lithuania and abroad, so that they can be competitive and successful in their desired work.

On-Shore / Offshore

Today, the offshore industry has become an integral part of the global economic system, indeed it has become a worldwide phenomenon. This major expansion has been accompanied by structural and technical changes which have significantly increased the necessary levels of skills, training and qualifications employees are expected to possess. Ethalon Recruitment is ideally situated to meet your needs in obtaining suitably experienced and qualified staff in this area.

And more ...

Ethalon Recruitment company also ready to provide recruitment services of different profile and qualifications.