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Ethalon Recruitment, founded in 2011 is a subdivision of Lagrilita JSC, which has been providing services in Lithuania from 2001. During this time Lagrilita JSC has established itself as a reliable and successful partner. In 2011 the management of Lagrilita JSC came to a decision to extend the scope of activities of the company and it is now successfully working in a new field cooperating with companies worldwide. The main goal of Ethalon Recruitment is to provide trained, competent and qualified personnel for customers and our partners, and to give an opportunity for candidates to get their desired job making the most of their education and experience. Our goal - a satisfied client. That is why we do our work competently and efficiently.

Businesses turn to us for their stuffing requirements when…

• Their need for personnel is a subject to fluctuation or seasonality

• The location of company operations does not provide suitably qualified and experienced workers

• The company is big, however, the need for personnel is so great, that the usual recruitment channels cannot satisfy their requirements

• They need workers to do very specific jobs

If you have a similar issue to those highlighted above, we will gladly offer our services.

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